• Innovators Growth Platform

    Innovators Growth Platform is a credible, regulated platform for young fast-growing companies to list and gain visibility and increase its brand presence. In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth and has come into its own—driven by factors such as massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and a burgeoning domestic market. These entrepreneurs need a platform to reach out to potential investors and raise funds to fuel growth. The new age companies which extensively use internet technology and knowledge based ideas and create innovative enterprises have attracted the brightest talent, creating new job opportunities and made services industry more efficient.

    Innovators Growth Platform recognizes that these young companies are unique in terms of their business models, which tend to be revenue focused rather than profit focused and hence do not fit the traditional valuation models. The listing norms on this platform are made easier to attract the new breed of entrepreneurs.

Innovators Growth Platform is the enabler for the Nation's goal of promoting entrepreneurship and the 'Digital India' dream

Benefits for Companies

  • Increased visibility Brand creation, research & media coverage
  • Access to funds through a well established platform and mechanism
  • High credibility amongst all stakeholders
  • Sophisticated investors Enabling better valuations
  • Cheaper and less onerous than international listing
  • Cos can attract Global investors as FPIs

Benefits for Other Stakeholders

  • ESOPS become meaningful
  • Deeper engagement
  • Efficient exit route
  • M&As made easier and swifter
  • New asset class - Opportunity to invest in fast growing companies